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Through easy collection of farmer information you can rely on.
eProd is a proven and affordable solution that is designed to handle large numbers of suppliers. It enables you to respond to the requirements of your demanding markets and to address the management challenges that aggregators and food processors experience while sourcing from large numbers of small scale suppliers.

  • Create comprehensive farmer profiles, including easy access to credit status of individual farmers, training attendance, field data, supply contracts, GPS location, and photos
  • Improve the productivity of your farmers, including monitoring field activities, managing input distribution and product aggregation, and enabling traceability and quality-based payments
  • Manage your finances and farmer transactions, including enabling mobile payments, automating payments for inputs and advances, and managing incentives
  • Manage your business and employees, including monitoring the efficiency of your staff, and improving decision-making, planning, and transparency through reliable reporting
  • Support monitoring and evaluation activities, including enabling measurement of impact and ensuring that reporting data is accurate and accessible
  • Flexible system configurations, including a mobile application that works both online and off, and powerful API integrations
  • Communicate effectively with farmers and employees, including using integrated SMS and email, and creating reports to share with individual farmers


What is eProd?

eProd is an outgrower management system that will enable companies to efficiently and cost effectively manage their supplies from a large outgrower base starting with field activities to deliveries, payments, loans & their repayments, management, communication, training, etc. …


Why e-prod?

We offer technical and training support both onsite and online.

We give technical advice to our clients and value chain management.

e-Prod enables transparency and trust throughout the value chain.

We strongly believe that every SME should be in a position to afford a system like e-Prod.

The Mobile Application will allow you to access your data on a real time basis.

What is eProd

eProd is a specialized ERP, addressing the supply chain management needs and challenges of agribusinesses, whether small or big, managing different value chains simultaneously. Most of our subscribers are exporters, food processors, aggregators of different agricultural products and cooperatives/ unions, that use some or all of the following functionalities:

  • Contacts: Our clients use the system to set up a sustainable value chain, profiling their farmers in groups and, if required, into cooperatives and unions.
  • Production: The system assists field officers on the ground to register and monitor planting information, implement training programs and certifications.
  • Purchasing: Procurement from farmers can be set up fully traceable through a mobile application that can operate fully off-line. The application is simple and intuitive and allows full traceability which is often a requirement of the export markets.
  • Payment can be made through integrations with mobile money providers, online banking systems and e-wallets. These can be generated on a daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal basis.
  • Our stock module allows integration of middlemen or agents into the value chain. The mobile application can assist these clients to monitor stock levels at the different aggregation centres.
  • Produce quality is of great concern to our clients. The traceability feature allows tracking of produce back to individual farmers. The integration of quality parameters is product specific and can trigger simultaneously different actions, bonuses or price reductions, and, as well fully reject produce in case of adulteration.
  • Communication with farmers and stakeholders is the success of each sustainable supply chain. eProd is a tool to manage SMS, Emails or share payment reports or other production overviews with farmers and other stakeholders.


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The story behind eProd

In 2004, eProd was initially developed by a Kenyan chilie consolidator who was frustrated with the lack of Supply Chain Management System and/ or ERPs for managing small holder farmers that could deal with the complexity of managing thousands of smallholder farmers and the high demands of the export market. The company decided to develop its own platform to manage its value chain efficiently, affordably and sustainably. Over the years, the company has built up a strong reputation as a transparent, reliable and trustworthy market player not only with its farmers but also with all the different stakeholders and client. It was then, when the stakeholders approached the organization and discovered the systems behind the success.

After a pilot in 2014 with different processors and aggregators of five different value chains, eProd received requests to expand the functionalities of its Supply Chain Management ERP to meet the needs of other supply chains. eProd then began expanding successfully into different business models.

In 2015, support systems were developed, and the company started reaching out with its Supply Chain Management ERP to over 20 different value chains in five countries in East Africa.

In 2018, eProd has served West Africa with its first clients in Nigeria, Ghana.

In 2019, eProd started operations with a USAID funded project implemented by DAI in Afghanistan and expanded further into West and Southern Africa.

The first clients in Central America started in 2020.


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