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18 Feb 2017

New eProd Version Release

Feb 2017 Issue
As you know, we never stop developing the software, and we are incorporate the latest changes with our clients in our upgrades free of charge. Some of the recent upgrades include, for example, a versatile reporting module which enables clients to retrieve a number of management reports.

Please contact your eProd relationship manager for more information.

25 Nov 2016

e-prod mobile app

We recently introduced our mobile app to collect data in the field. The e-prod mobile application can be downloaded on any smartphone operating with an android OS and will send delivery information to the office in real time, making, for example, payment processing faster. Users are now able to download the app from https://app.eprod-solutions.com. The e-prod team is available for assistance in setting up.

With the e-prod app, field officers are also able to capture the geographic locations of the farmer groups and map out collection points. Please contact us for more information!

25 Nov 2016

e-prod sends SMS

A farmer receiving an SMS
Another new feature integrated into the e-prod software, is Short Message Service, or SMS. Clients can now communicate with their suppliers, whether it is about production related issues, upcoming events or any unforeseen collection route changes.

Africa’s Talking www.africastalking.com and several other SMS providers are now integrated with e-prod to send out SMS at affordable rates. Our technical team will provide support in setting up a sender ID and train on the use of this module.