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Contact Management
Farmers are organized in groups and can be attached to a higher level, for example umbrella organizations. This module includes, apart from names, locations, telephone numbers, bank details, loans and repayments as well as Geographic position information and maps.

Price & Price Incentives
eProd allows using either a fixed price for a product or flexible prices to allow meeting the market demands. Incentives can be created, including bonus payments based on volume or quality, intermediary fees for agents or umbrella organizations etc.

Quality Based Payment
The system allows quality based payment, i.e. payment based on grades, foreign material contamination, moisture content etc. The system can be used for milk quality based payment through electronic hardware integration (lactoscan amongst others) and import of the respective parameters.

A flexible loan module is integrated into eProd allowing companies to efficiently manage harvest advances, input loans and also asset finance. Multiple loans are possible (with different repayment priorities and different repayment conditions). The system is ideal for (bulk) credit rating, integration with Invoice Discounting, Factoring, Warehouse Receipt Systems etc.
Bulk and individual one and two way SMS can be managed directly through eProd to farmers. All forms and reports can be exported through email directly through the system to, for example staff or third parties, in a number of common formats (e.g. PDF, CSV, XLS, etc).
eProd enables inclusive business concepts and typically farmers are contracted for different crops, normally at a a priori agreed price. Note: It is not compulsory to work through contracts.

Mobile Payment
Payments are generated automatically according to client requirements. Payments can be managed through mobile money transfer (e.g. Mpesa), group or individual bank transfers or cash payments.

Product traceability
Product traceability can be managed all the way through the process and integrated with certification systems (e.g. ISO9000, ISO22000, ISO900, GlobalGAP, etc).

Field Inspections
Farmers’ field activities can be monitored, starting with past historic data, current field data, applications, field inspections, crop performance status etc.
The system assists managing training programs and makes reporting to third parties easy.

Human Resources
Performance of Field Officers/ Groups can be monitored using this module.

Mobile Application
Our Mobile Application offers you the flexibility, that you need in the field with mapping of farmers, managing collections, guaranteeing traceability, etc...
Collection Routes
eProd assists organizations to manage collection routes, monitor and optimize them.

There are many different reports that allow an in depth evaluation of company activities and assist the management in the decision making process.
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